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Stopping Tarnish in its tracks!!! Save your jewelry!

Stopping Tarnish in its tracks!!!  Save your jewelry!

Do you have a jewelry box? Have you ever had a jewelry box? I have run across so many women that have never had a big  jewelry box.  Yes, they do have a jewelry box it’s just not the one you think it is. What they have is really lots of...

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Sharon Orella Designs has been a lifelong pursuit of this maker. Being creative has been something I have recognized since I was quite young.  Having a internal need to make something out of seemingly nothing has always been magical.  I have three great creative loves, Metal, Paper and Fabric.  This has led me down a path of exploration that has resulted in what you see within this shop.  

I am in a constant state of inspiration, with every exploration bringing excitement and joy to my life.  I hope that some of my excitement transfers to you when you wear one of my jewelry creations, or enjoy my metal art or even enjoy the rare paper creation that makes it into the shop.